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Math in TAKS Assessment

TAKS Math tests are offered from Grade 3 through Exit Level (Seniors). Passing the TAKS Math test is a requirement for graduation from high school. Texas Education Agency (TEA) has information booklets describing the objectives assesses on TAKS and their connection to the Texas State Curriculum.

Mathematics is one of the most important element in every day situations. Learning mathematics helps students to think logically, solve problems, and understand spatial relationships. Successful preparation for TAKS tests not only allows the students do well in the TAKS exam adminstered once a year, but also allows them to learn, practice and comprehend various math concepts required at each grade level.

The TAKS assessment objectives are closely aligned with the six strands identified in the TEKS curriculum. The TAKS mathematics tests are based on those TEKS student expectations Texas educators have identified as the most critical to student achievement and progress in mathematics.

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) defines the knowledge and skills to be learned by students at various grade levels.

The Student Success Initiative (SSI) requires that students meet the standard on TAKS to be eligible for promotion to the next grade level. Specifics of these requirements can be found from TEA official Web Site.

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