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How to make Math Fun

"Fun" and "mathematics" are two words not usually associated together in the same sentence by most kids. It does not need to be that way.

By incorporating math Trivia, puzzles, brain teasers into a child's everyday routine can take the fear of math out of their head. showing the prctical uses of mathematics in every day life can make them understand why are they learning Math. It can also make them see the use of Math and not just feel that it is a very dry and boring subject.

When your child is only doing math schoolwork or homeowrk, he probably doesn't realize how fun math can be. They typically complain saying, “When and where am I ever going to use this?” You can show your child that math is not only useful in everyday life, but also that the tasks that require regular math are actually fun.

By understanding the hobbies or interests of the child, illustrating the value of math in that context can greatly enhance the child's interest in Math. Once the fear for Math is gone, regular practice can build confidence of the child and allow the interest and fun in Math to sustain.

You can also play all sorts of games that require math. Play Monopoly together and have your child be in charge of the bank. He will have to distribute money and sell the fictional real estate, learning again the basics in math fun.

For younger children, any child's board games will teach counting. To think of other math fun activities, consider throughout your day how often you use math and introduce those activities to your child. You can ask him to count the steps to your house, how many objects are in a room, how many minutes it takes to eat dinner etc. Making math fun is a great way to get your child excited about his schoolwork while teaching him valuable math principles.

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