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Students preparing for TAKS Assessment can practice by taking the following Math quiz and assess their understading of concepts outlined in TAKS Assessment criteria.
TAKS Assessment Concept:         Word Problems - Subtraction

TAKS Math Q1. Ken just completed his little league basball season this year. He made 34 hits which was 18 hits more than what he made last year. How many hits did he have last year?

TAKS Math Q2. Jenny just completed her little league softball season this year. She made 26 hits which is 9 hits more than what she made last year. How many hits did she have last year?

TAKS Math Q3. Tim has two baseball bats. The first one is 28 inches long and the second is 33 inches long. What is the difference in their lengths (in inches)?

TAKS Math Q4. Nick has 41 toy cars and he traded 28 of them with his friend John. How many toy cars is Nick left with?

TAKS Math Q5. Nick has 16 red marbles and 8 blue marbles. He gave 4 blue marbles to his brother Jim. How many marbles does Nick have?

TAKS Math Q6. Denise bought 5 dolls for $15. She had $82 in her purse. How many dollars are left in her purse?

TAKS Math Q7. John and Robert played in little league baseball last year. John had 34 hits and 12 runs. Robert had 19 hits less than John. How many hits did Robert have?


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