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Students preparing for TAKS Assessment can practice by taking the following Math quiz and assess their understading of concepts outlined in TAKS Assessment criteria.
TAKS Assessment Concept:         Word Problems - Division

TAKS Math Q1. Justin is planning a driving trip of 2,450 miles.  He wants to complete his drive in 7 days.  How many miles does he drive each day to complete the trip?

TAKS Math Q2. Kelley has a total of 81 candies to divide among 9 children.  If she divides the candies evenly among the children, how many candies will each child receive? 

TAKS Math Q3. Roger has 18 collectible toy cars. He wanted to share them with two of his friends equally, how many toy cars would each get including Roger?

TAKS Math Q4. Susan has one rope that is 63 feet long.  How many 7 foot pieces of rope can she make out of her one rope? 

TAKS Math Q5. Kevin has 16 lollipops. If he shared them with three of his friends equally, how many lollipops would each get including Kevin?


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