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Students preparing for TAKS Assessment can practice by taking the following Math quiz and assess their understading of concepts outlined in TAKS Assessment criteria.
TAKS Assessment Concept:         Word Problems - Time

TAKS Math Q1. If June 12 is a Wednesday, what day of the week would be June 21?

TAKS Math Q2. John practices guitar for 15 minutes when he gets back from church every sunday. He gets home at 11:15. When does he stop practicing guitar?

TAKS Math Q3. Splash day is on Friday. If Tuesday is February 12, on what date will Splash day be on?

TAKS Math Q4. Glen has a soccer game on next Friday. His parents told him that he can go to that game only if he does well on a Reading test on the Monday just before the game. If the Soccer game is on November 18, on what date is his reading test?

TAKS Math Q5. Kimberly is preparing for a dance performance at school. The performance is on Friday. If Monday of that week is August 12, on what date will her performance be?

TAKS Math Q6. Which one of these dates is a not valid date?

TAKS Math Q7. John is excited to participate in the 23rd State TaeKwonDo championship on Saturday, October 21. John's coach is giving practice sessions on every friday in October before the contest. How many practice sessions are going to be there in October?

TAKS Math Q8. Which one of these dates is a valid date?

TAKS Math Q9. If September 12 is a Monday, what day of the week would be September 15?

TAKS Math Q10. Jonathan goes home on the school bus every day. It takes about 45 minutes to ride from school to his home. If he gets on the bus at 2:45 PM, what time does he usually reach home?


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